So the Scottish Secular Society (SSS) has called for a ban on teaching creationism as a scientific theory (No creationism in science class, News, May).

They are concerned that it may be mentioned in religious classes. In England, the teaching of creationism is prohibited in schools. They say we must catch up with England.

Research into the lives of the leading figures of the Scottish Enlightenment will show that nearly all of them were Christian (a notable exception, being David Hume). Not only were they Christian, they were profoundly Christian, being profound thinkers, and bible Christians at that. They were in fact creationists. Our own Hugh Miller (1802-1856), who knew a great deal more about evolution than Darwin did, crossed swords with Darwin with his book In The Footsteps Of The Creator.

James Clark Maxwell, of whom Einstein said that he only stood upon Maxwell's shoulders, was most certainly the greatest physicist who ever lived. To him and his practical experiments, his vision and his mathematics, we owe understanding of the field of electromagnetism - without him we would have no radio, no radar, no colour photography, no television and no computer technology. He too was a man of profound belief in God, according to his doctor, "a most perfect example of a Christian gentleman". When dying, Maxwell reflected: "What is done by what I call myself is, I feel, done by something greater than myself in me. The only desire which I can have is like David, to serve my own generation by the will of God, and then fall asleep."

Are no future generations of Scottish children to be allowed the knowledge or understanding of their ancestors? Probably not. The SSS are at work on our education system.

Lesley J Findlay

Fort Augustus