I READ with interest your article on the opening re-opening of the Borders Railway (“Rail re-opening inspires others”, The Herald, August 10). More than 20 years ago I was involved when the campaign for the re-opening of the Borders route was in its infancy; I know how long it takes and how hard it can be. Now living in Bearsden I am encouraged by the support for a long-held local aspiration – a rail halt with park and ride adjacent to the Allander Leisure Centre on the existing Milngavie to Glasgow and Edinburgh line.

In every respect a far smaller and simpler project than the Borders line, this Allander Rail Halt proposal nevertheless has great potential to reduce congestion and pollution on the very busy A81 at both peak and off-peak times as well as reducing parking demand in Glasgow. Travellers to Glasgow and beyond from Milngavie and Bearsden would of course benefit from the ability to switch easily from road to rail but there are many other regular travellers from further afield in Strathblane, Blanefield, Killearn and beyond who would welcome the opportunity to park and ride, something not possible at present due to the lack of adequate parking at the existing stations on the line.

This project has widespread support including all four local Bearsden and Milngavie Community Councils as well as Baldernock and Strathblane/Blanefield and even more importantly unanimous cross-party support from East Dunbartonshire Council. Various recent studies on the A81 have shown that this is an option well worth pursuing, it is in the Local Development Plan, and the land necessary is in the ownership of the Local Authority.

We need to keep this momentum going and deliver this much needed rail improvement project for the substantial community benefit it will bring.

Gordon S. Cox,

24 North Grange Road, Bearsden.

THE hope that the Borders line re-opening will give impetus to those who are campaigning for other particularly between Thornton and Leven and St Andrews to Leuchars is welcome and these aspirations come to pass as we are now living, thankfully, in a more rail orientated society. It might be too much to hope for in going for a complete re-opening of the East Fife route between Leven and St Andrews and thence to Leuchars (this time with the junction thereat leading onwards to Dundee). This would combine the two campaigns LMRC (Levenmouth Rail Campaign) and STARlink (St Andrews Rail Link).

John Macnab,

175 Grahamsdyke Street, Laurieston, Falkirk.