WE get all sentimental in the west coast about the UCS work-in on the Clyde, yet often forget the failed attempt by workers at Robb's in Leith to save their yard which closed in 1984 with the loss of 700 jobs. Here are the workers occupying the yard in January, 1984, but with no ships to work on, their protests were doomed. Yet who cannot feel for the young man holding the sign stating "Idle cranes won't feed the weans".

Henry Robb Shipbuilders began after World War One repairing ships damaged in the war and went on to build coasters, tugs and dredgers. However it was nationalised as part of British Shipbuilders in 1977, and never attracted sufficient orders afterwards to keep the yard going.

The site is now part of the Ocean Terminal shopping centre with the Royal Yacht Britannia tied up for tourists to visit. "Rule Britannia" as the old shipyard workers may or may not say.