THIS is road safety education in 1953, when these pupils at Gallowflat School in Rutherglen are being taught to stop at a zebra crossing when riding their bikes. Judging by the suspicious looks on the faces of those tentatively using the crossing, which has skilfully been chalked on the playground, not everyone is convinced they will. Is it just me, or do some of the girls in that era look as though they are middle-aged?

If you are wondering why they are tootling about in the playground, instead of in the classroom, Gallowflat was a junior secondary which meant that primary school pupils sat the 11 Plus exam, with those with the higher marks going to Rutherglen Academy, while the other went to Gallowflat for only three or four years.

Comprehensive education swept such divisions away with all pupils then going to Stonelaw High. Not sure whether the road safety exercises continued there though.