WHILE welcoming the news that two more proposed industrial turbine sites – including the insane project so subtly misnamed California, which would have destroyed Wigtown Bay – have been beaten (“RSPB wins fight over wind farm”, The Herald, July 20, it's clear the battle is far from over. Apparently, the already cluttered A75 is to have its roundabouts "reshaped" to help wind farm sharks ease even more huge turbines into our region (traffic lights all round, for ages, no doubt).

The fact that the speculators are even prepared to pay for the alterations is a clear statement of intent that, far from taking the hint that most residents don't want any more of the things, they are determined to press on with the destruction of our heritage landscape.

It doesn't matter whether the wind blows, or not, or too much, our "green" – but only behind-the gills – politicians will be happy to chuck big chunks of our taxes at the wind companies, while, ignoring cheap, reliable, alternatives, such as our abundant shale gas and small, modern, nuclear plants (which harmlessly power France.)

I urge readers to stay alert for tiny, sneaky planning notices. Remember, they don't have to tell you in person if a development is just over 60 yards from your back door. And I'd stock up on winter black-out candles now.

Andrew Shiells,

Barrachan Home Farm, Newton Stewart.