DAVID Stubley's comment (Letters, November 23) was predictable. Over the years he has consistently rubbished the views of anti-hunt protagonists in general and the actions of League Against Cruel Sports members in particular. It is not the flummery garb of hunt members or any niche in society which the public despise. It is their desire to engage in the pursuit and ultimate kill of a wild animal fleeing for its life. To class such activity as sport is a misnomer of the first order.

Conversely, where a farmer or smallholder has to use a firearm to defend his stock is understandable. There is no thrill of the kill in such action. Just a justifiable duty of care taking place. In matters of nature natural occurrences take place. Only when the human element enters the scene does the question of unwarranted cruelty arise. This is evidenced not only in foxhunting but also in bullfighting arenas, badger baiting and arranged dog fights to name but a few.

Allan C Steele,

22 Forres Avenue, Giffnock.