TO counter a one-sided view presented by some environmental agencies this week, here is the local view (“Conservation groups oppose new luxury golf project in Highlands”, The Herald, November 7). Todd Warnock has already demonstrated his commitment to Dornoch by saving our courthouse when it was abandoned by Scottish Court Services. He lives here and works with the community. There is no comparison with Donald Trump other than they are American.

If your readers care to study the substantial documentation submitted with planning application for Coul Links they will see that the environment will be better off if the development goes ahead. This is because a managed and funded scheme would be in place to protect the Site of Special Interest which there has not been to date. Where have the agencies been while birds have been shot for sport and invasive species have taken over the site?

The main endangered species in the Highlands is our young people, who for generations have had to move south in search of jobs. This project has the potential to reverse rural depopulation and transform the economic landscape to provide meaningful and well paid jobs for our children and grandchildren. The local community trust is so committed to this vision that it will financially invest in Coul Links and have a seat on the board if this project is given the go-ahead.

If the environmental agencies’ misinformed attacks on Coul Links result in the loss of the largest single investment in Sutherland ever, I hope they will come and explain to our young people why they wrecked their future.

Joan Bishop,

Whinhill, Dornoch.