Pure quality

WELL, have you got over the festive food binge yet? As crime writer Anna Smith summed it up: "I really hope that this crippling addiction to Quality Street every time I have a cup of tea, will subside in time."

Others mused on healthy eating in the New Year. Said Ian Power: "My girlfriend’s started cooking vegetarian food because she says we’ll have healthier and longer lives. I’m fairly sure she’s right, but I’m not sure whether it’s a price worth paying."

Trump that

MEANWHILE over in America, Donald Trump's wife Melania has said that her favourite TV show is the slick series How To Get Away With Murder. "Bet it is," remarked Glasgow stand-up Janey Godley.

Simply devine

WE mentioned Ayrshire crooner Sydney Devine the other day, and it prompted reader David Purdie: "In 1969, when I was a raw young insurance agent and huge radiograms were a popular item of furniture, I was collecting insurance in Rosewell, Midlothian. I thought the lady was listening to the radio which was playing a track of the divine Sidney. I thought she would share my opinion of his singing and said, 'Would ye listen tae that! He's off tune, he's flatter than a pancake - whit an imposter!'

"Just then the track ended and another Sidney song started. I then realised that what I took to be a radio programme was actually a Sidney Devine LP. It had been impressed on me the importance of not upsetting the policyholders so I marked the books and scarpered quickly."

Dial it back

A BEARSDEN reader shares with us: "Remember the day when parents wanted their children to keep in touch and would tell them, 'Would it kill you to pick up the phone?' Nowadays parents are more likely to say, 'Would it kill you to put down the phone?'"

Let's face it

DO you still look at Facebook? It can be annoying when people glorify in their achievements, but we would just pass on this post from a woman in Jordanhill who stated: "This day marks 12 months without drinking a drop of alcohol or any kind of fizzy drink. Six months without eating bread, cakes or anything sweet. The change in my body has been fantastic, I feel fitter, I feel great and my way of thinking is very positive. I'm looking to keep this up and go for more, because I choose to! No alcohol, healthy eating and above all else exercise every day!!!

"I don't know whose status this is but I was so happy for them that I copied and pasted It. You can too."

By the book

WE asked what else Brixiteers may want to bring back after the Government announced we will revert to blue British passports. Says John Henderson: "How about the food rationing book that was so popular circa 1939-1947? I feel we may need it."

That's a date

WE mentioned the chap who wondered why his birthday was nine months after his father's. As Rena Robinson points out: "Mother's Day always comes nine months after Father's Day!"

Hairy tale

WE bump into a colleague, wish him a Happy New Year and he replies with: "A burglar broke into my house at Christmas and nicked all my wigs - had to replace the locks."