IT is not my intention to stir up a hornets’ nest but only to ask what opinion is on where political correctness will be in 50 years?

As one of 7.5 billion human beings living on this planet, and at the age of 58, I am genuinely interested in how political correctness has slowly developed into something gaining momentum as each day passes.

I have a feeling that in 50 years’ time (and probably a lot sooner) there will be no toes left for anyone to tread on, as every conceivable thing that could possibly be politically correctly scrutinised will have been done to death and each and every one of us will have been hung out to dry several times as our individual opinions are dissected, so that we will no longer be able to think for ourselves for fear of offending someone.

Time has to be taken now to stop us chasing our own shadows into oblivion for the sake of future generations.

John Ross,

45 Fereneze Avenue, Glasgow.