SHEILA Hodge was crowned as the Govan Fair Queen in 1958 – a time when the Fair was in its prime. Govan has always valued its people and sense of community and the fair has been a long-standing tradition which showcases the area's history and people.

Before Govan was a district of Glasgow, it was an independent burgh and initially attracted settlers due to its good fishing spots beside the River Clyde. The early Govanites were a small community of people who shared their lives with the land and river. The industrial revolution transformed Govan into the home of industry and trade when more people moved to the area in search of work at the dockyards.

The Govan Fair procession has taken place on the first Friday in June since well before the 17th century. It involves locals celebrating the former burgh’s impressive history and culture in the streets and hosts a carnival and crowning ceremony. By 2013, though, the fair was losing its lustre until Jimmy Stringfellow gave it a new lease of life. He encouraged local businesses to donate to the festival in exchange for advertising their businesses which turned the fair into a sustainable enterprise. Roll on June the 7th!