I NOTE your stand against the latest nonsense utterings of a lobby of "experts" trying to run our lives ("law of diminishing returns could affect alcohol warnings", Herald editorial, April 13).

This was just one of a number of misleading expert reports circulated every so often which assume the populous is stupid and will believe without question the conclusions arrived at regardless of how obviously farcical they are. Favourite topics usually relate to life choices such as our diet, drinking, activities and even what we should think.

The key bit that goes over the heads of many experts is that it is not exclusively the length of our life which is important but its quality; this is also lost on many of the medical profession.

One conclusion by the report's authors said that drinking just slightly more than their recommended amount would lead to a six months off one's life. Even if this was true, so what if it meant six months less wearing a nappy and six months less not recognising your nearest and dearest whilst being a burden on society as a whole because the religious lobby says life is sacred.

My rant is over and I am now about to pour a large malt.

James Martin,

43 Thomson Drive,