THELMA Edwards’s letter relating to outdoor pursuits and swearing (April 13) reminded me of a day hill walking in the 1960s. These were in the days before websites were available advising routes, and we relied on a book by WA Poucher, whose guides did for Scottish hills, what Wainwright's did for the Lake district.

This day we were using it to climb Ben Nevis by the more interesting route via Carn Mor Dearg and the arête which joins the two mountains.

We were about two-thirds way up Carn Mor, when we took a break, all of us breathing rather heavily. Hugh, one of our number, whom we had never heard swearing, suddenly said, "Poucher grades his walks as easy, hard and severe. Has he never heard of f******g severe?"

Bert Peattie,

64 Bowhouse Drive, Kirkcaldy.