I WELCOME the announcement by Michael Matheson, Scotland’s Justice Minister, that there is to be an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the policing during the miners’ strike in the 1980s ("Miners’ strike police review", The Herald, June 8). It is interesting that the Theresa May Government has turned down the request for a similar inquiry into the events at what became known as "the Battle of Orgreave" in England, which took place during the same strike. The reason behind that decision is easy to understand. Why would a Conservative government wish to have an inquiry into highly controversial events which took place under another Conservative administration? The SNP can be a bit more relaxed about inquiries into matters in the 1980s.

There are many allegations worthy of examination. There is no doubt that there has been a profound sense of grievance in many mining communities since the end of the strike with regard to measures taken against many miners. Margaret Thatcher, when Prime Minister, viewed the striking miners as the "enemy within" and there was no doubt that she was determined there would be no repeat of the experience undergone in the 1970s by Edward Heath, as Prime Minister, with the miners. The Thatcher Government at that time was going all out to defeat the miners. With that background, it is welcome news that at least some of the measures adopted at the time by or on behalf of the state, are to be subject to independent review.

Ian W Thomson,

38 Kirkintilloch Road, Lenzie.