BIODIVERSITY is in free-fall. A recent study shows that three-quarters of flying insects have been lost in the last twenty-five years. The State of Nature report shows that most species have declined, many perilously so, due to climate change and changes in agriculture.

Nature is essential to our existence. Without biodiversity our crops are not pollinated and arable and animal agriculture are vulnerable to pests and diseases.

In a single hour this afternoon, Argyll and Bute Council wantonly destroyed 12,000 square metres of wonderful, rich, critically important biodiversity near my home. Road verges are hugely important for wild flowers, insects and other wildlife. The cutting of these verges has made zero impact on road safety, and yet they contained red campion, buttercups, yellow archangel and garlic mustard, they hosted bees, butterflies, spiders and frog-hoppers. Their destruction has cut a swathe through the beauty of our countryside.

I call on the council to urgently review its destructive verge cutting practices for the benefit of nature and of us all.

ffinlo Costain,

Old Wing, Drumhead, Cardross.