I READ the excellent piece on The Highland Council North Planning Committee’s ill-considered approval of the application to build a golf course on the locally, nationally and internationally protected conservation site at Coul Links by Kevin McKenna in today’s copy of The Observer.

Then I turned with anticipation to the Sunday Herald to get an informed and hopefully unbiased Scottish perspective on this debacle. Not on the cover. Perhaps pages 5-7 where there are often articles of note? No.

I then carefully went through the paper to find total silence on this vitally important issue. So amazed was I at the missing article that I handed the paper to my wife to check, assuming that I had somehow missed a feature. Still nothing.

This is the most important Scottish environmental planning decision since the Trump/Salmond fiasco in 2007 and has ominous echoes of that development.

Why is the Sunday Herald not calling for something of this importance to be called in by the Scottish Government? Do we fear a cover-up and kowtowing to the might of another American multi-millionaire? I hope not.

David W McAllister

Tain, Ross-shire