DONALD Trump has intimated that he will fly into Prestwick Airport in order to spend the weekend at his own property at Turnberry. The new Justice Secretary, Humza Yousaf, complains that Mr Trump has not shared other details of his plans with the Scottish Government ("Ministers grow frustrated over lack of information about US President's visit to Scotland", The Herald, July 11). Perhaps Mr Trump has no plans beyond spending a weekend at his own golf resort.

This is, of course, frustrating for the Scottish Government. It seems that Mr Trump has, unsurprisingly, not requested a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon. I can see that that must be a blow to her self-esteem. He will no doubt be aware that demonstrations against his visit have been planned, and that they are endorsed by MPs and MSPs, some of whom will attend them.

I never thought I would say this, but given the antipathy of the Scottish government towards Donald Trump, POTUS is very wise not to share his detailed plans with the Scottish Government.

Jill Stephenson,

Glenlockhart Valley, Edinburgh.

SO Donald Trump claims that the UK is in turmoil. It has been a long wait, however I suppose that we should be grateful in that at least this remark has, unlike most of his previous utterances, a ring of truth about it.

Alastair Patrick,

3 Pentland Crescent, Paisley.