THE best news to come out of the Gatwick fiasco is conformation that our Army has already purchased Drone Dome systems from Israel. This is a cutting-edge anti-drone system to cope with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Sussex police's shambolic reaction included the use of outmoded technology which proved useless because the drone was either hacked or an advanced drone and in the end they were forced to bring in the Army with its Israeli dome system.

It is the product of Rafael, the Israeli defence technology company, and designed to provide effective airspace defence against hostile drones used by terrorists to perform aerial attacks, collect intelligence, and other intimidating activities.

The greatest fear raised by the Gatwick drone was that the mayhem would encourage a resurgent al-Qaeda to target UK airspace - but at least our airports now have access to the Israeli domes.

Rev Dr John Cameron,

10 Howard Place, St Andrews.

WHAT is the point in the UK spending billions of pounds on Trident nuclear weapons to "defend" us, when our security forces would appear not to have had the wherewithal to combat a drone at a major airport? Perhaps next time we could nuke the drone.

Jim Leslie,

72 Sutherland Way, East Kilbride.