IN reply to Carolyn Russell's plastic dilemma (Letters, January 16), I would suggest the following: at the checkout remove the wrapping (while items are being entered in the computer) and dump it, or after unpacking purchases at home, return to shop with discarded wrapping, and tell the manager: "This is your problem, deal with it."

Groups of customers have done this in the past, and probably are still doing it, they just don't get any publicity at the moment.

I had a similar reaction in a Co-op in my area when I asked the manager what was happening about wrapping. His attitude seemed to me to be "what is the problem?"

Fortunately, I have in Kilmacolm a fishmonger/greengrocer who sells unwrapped (mostly) produce. But I intend to return the wrapping to the Co-op when I have to buy stuff there. I also intend to explain the problem with plastic to the manager, as he seemed bemused when I mentioned unwanted wrapping.

It's not rocket science, all it takes is for groups of us to get together and say to supermarkets "enough is enough".

Don't leave it to schoolchildren to be forced to go on strike outside their schools, or stand up in front of the United Nations Environment Council to save the future for our young people.

Act now, before we lose the protective legislation of the European Community.

Margaret Forbes,

Corlic Way, Kilmacolm.