THE properties pictured here were not just new blocks of 10-storey flats, the man from the Government declared when he opened them in December 1956. They were symbols of Scotland’s housing needs; they were signposts pointing the way we should go.

J.N. Browne, Under-Secretary of State for Scotland, made the remarks at the ceremony that opened the Scottish Special Housing Association blocks at Toryglen, Glasgow. The greatest need, he added, was surely suitable building land for housing re-development projects.Increasing slum-clearance and redevelopment schemes would throw up more and more families who could not be rehoused where they currently lived, Mr Browne said. One example was the Hutchesontown/Gorbals area, where the redevelopment scheme would result in houses having to be found elsewhere for some 16,000 of the 26,000 people currently living in the area.

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The Toryglen flats came with such features as electrical floor heating, refuse disposal by chute, and communal washing machines.