HOW wonderfully evocative to see Kings Park Parish Church, vintage 1932, grace your “Those were the days” feature (“1932: The striking design of the newest church in Glasgow", The Herald, February 6).

Your article brought the Reverend Robert Paterson immediately to mind; I believe the church was his charge, as the Happy Padre, more than 60 years ago now. The Victoria Church destroyed by fire in March 1929, was actually the Victoria UF, at Eglinton Toll; the fateful day, Saturday, March 30.

It i poignant to think that the spirit of the Victoria survives in the “symbolic pictorial window” at Crosshill-Victoria; hopefully it is still with us. The Eglinton Toll site is, as far as I know, totally devoid of any memorial.

Brian D Henderson,

44 Dundrennan Road,