EMPLOYEES at a garage in Glasgow had to run for their lives as a railway tunnel crumbled without warning under their feet. Passengers on a double-decker bus had a lucky escape as the sudden subsidence continued. The bus’s tailboard sank and bounced off the rim of the hole but the driver managed to keep his vehicle upright.

Both Eglinton Street and Pollokshaws Road were closed to traffic as the trench that ran through the garage workshop to the pavement in Eglinton Street slowly widened and deepened to a depth of six feet. The garage had to be demolished.

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The incident caused considerable traffic chaos. Diversion signs were quickly erected across parts of the Southside but, to the consternation of the police and the AA, some of them were ignored by thousands of motorists, who thus created substantial tailbacks. At one point, an AA patrol vehicle took more than 40 minutes to travel the mile between Shawlands Cross and the Kingston Bridge approaches, while buses from Pollokshaws East into the city centre took twice as long as they normally did.