WITH regard to your report yesterday on the People’s Vote campaign ("People's Vote campaign is dead, says SNP MP", The Herald, February 12), not only is this not the case but it is vital for Scotland that a referendum to save our place in the European Union is a live one that can be achieved.

The House of Commons overwhelmingly rejected the Prime Minister’s deal and has also voted against a No Deal Brexit. In the absence of any realistic prospect of the withdrawal agreement – which Theresa May signed up to – being opened up and fundamentally changed in relation to the backstop, the UK Government’s approach appears to be to run down the clock and preside over a cliff-edge Brexit on March 29.

The Prime Minister’s statement yesterday indicated nothing more than further time wasting.In these circumstances, the only positive option left standing is a People’s Vote.

Scotland is ahead of the game, as evidenced by the fact that a People’s Vote has already attracted the support of parties and parliamentarians representing some 70 per cent of Scottish MPs, comprising the SNP, LibDems and a number of Labour members.

The absence of any other acceptable option means that MPs in the rest of the UK can and must catch up. It remains entirely achievable – indeed essential – that we build a parliamentary majority in favour of a People’s Vote at Westminster, and there have clear indications from the EU that an extension of Brexit would be agreed in order to enable a referendum.

Polling evidence show that people in the rest of the UK have already caught up with voters in Scotland in wanting to cancel Brexit.

A People’s Vote at this stage, with the option of staying in the EU, is a democratic opportunity for Scotland’s wishes to be respected. Scotland for a People’s vote is campaigning for the right of the people to decide, based on the chaotic reality of Brexit now – not the nonsense peddled by the Leave campaign three years ago. We will soon be at the final decision time in the House of Commons, and opinion in Scotland can make the difference in securing a People’s Vote. We are calling on politicians in all parties to get behind the case for a People’s Vote. It’s in Scotland’s interests to stay in the EU. A strong lead from Scottish politicians can help ensure that the majority in Scotland who support holding a People’s Vote carries the day when the issue comes to the House of Commons.

Mark Lazarowicz,

Chair, European Movement in Scotland,

4 Queen Street, Edinburgh.

WHY does the Scottish Government require permission from Westminster to hold a referendum to leave the Union of the UK but Westminster did not require permission from anyone to leave the European Union?

The voters in Scotland voted to remain but not only are we outnumbered by English voters, we hardly ever appear on discussion programmes about Brexit.

Real control over Scotland comes from Westminster not Brussels.

Bill Kerr,

56 Sandyknowes Road, Cumbernauld.

TV and radio commentators have morphed Brexit into Breg-zit. Breg to rhyme with Greg and zit as in pimple. Mispronouncing it doesn't render it more palatable.

Martin Redfern,

Woodcroft Road, Edinburgh.