PETER Gray (Letters, February 26) is right to raise the role of cannabis in appalling crimes such as the recent case in Bute. It is sad and alarming if its use and availability is as widespread and out-of-control throughout the island, including by and to under-age children, as is alleged by the mother of the perpetrator, Aaron Campbell.

The role of certain videos and downloadable games is equally relevant, and their combination with drink and drugs can clearly be lethal. There were reports that James Bulger’s killers had not only watched the most violent and sadistic films, but had done so allegedly with their parents (though I believe that was unconfirmed).

So why are these utterly revolting videos and so-called “games” available at all, such as those which featured in the Bute case? Who on earth conceives, designs, manufactures, distributes and sells them, or participates in them in any way?

What kind of youths and/or “mature” adults, presumably including those without any addictions, murderous intentions, or drink and drug-fuelled violent tendencies, actually watch, play and presumably “enjoy” them?

Would it really be unacceptable censorship to ban such things entirely, even at the risk of sending the whole appalling industry underground and therefore possibly even more difficult to control (but where it certainly belongs in any society purporting to be civilised)?

It is not only Instagram and the like which needs to take more responsibility.

John Birkett,

12 Horseleys Park, St Andrews.