AS a lifelong fan of the beautiful game, and former amateur player and SFA referee, I agree wholeheartedly with Francis Deigman (Letters, March 12) that players' behaviour as well as that of spectators needs to be seriously reined in. Additionally, it appears to me that some of the outrageous bile and hatred spewed at football matches is merely copy-catting of the outrageous behaviour of some well-known serially offending club managers (we all know who they are) who, faces contorted with rage and jabbing fingers, are regularly seen screaming abuse directly into the faces of referees, their assistants on the line, or fourth officials.

Let’s begin the clean-up of our national sport by dealing harshly with such loutishness at the top.

Dr Jim Macgregor,

Lawhill Cottage, Dollar.

WHAT would be the point of police stopping matches or punishing the home club every time some probably half-drunk spectator takes leave of his senses (assuming he has any) and runs onto the field of play during a football match (Letters, March 11). There is nothing the home club can do to prevent such acts of total stupidity, other than by erecting high electrified fencing all round the ground, which would not only be a gross over-reaction but also extremely dangerous.

Of course, in Scotland the problem is stoked by perceived religious factors, although I suspect that most of the offenders have seldom if ever set foot in a church. I’m sure they are totally unaware that all Protestants and Catholics are actually members of the same (Christian) religion, whose much-quoted and wise advice is to “love your enemy” – or at least don’t hate him? That is what all we Partick Thistle supporters try to practise.

Iain AD Mann,

7 Kelvin Court, Glasgow.