THERE was a certain inevitability about the sacking of Alex McLeish from his position as Scotland manager (SFA vow to scour world for McLeish replacement", Herald Sport, April 19). The question is, to whom does the nation turn now? Will it make any difference? Very doubtful. However, it might be best to go for someone who has extensive experience in attempting to deal with the most poisoned of chalices. A certain Mrs T. May of our Westminster parish shall very shortly be on the lookout for a new position, and there is no one this side of the Pecos Mountains who is better placed to grasp the Scotian soccer-shaped nettle.

Alastair Patrick,

3 Pentland Crescent, Paisley.

THE departure of Alex McLeish will generate frenzied speculation as to his successor and calls for radical changes at the Scottish Football Association. What will not be addressed are the twin causes for our continuing decline; the effect of the blind adoption of defensive football on our ability to produce top-class players and the negative pressure inherent in a stifling television-dictated 12-team top division. Meanwhile, national team managers will continue to be conveniently scapegoated for situations entirely outwith their control.

Duncan Macintyre,

2 Fort Matilda Terrace, Greenock.