REGARDING Helen Ross’s letter (June 7), I have always considered the remark “enjoy” as being ironic and frequently concluded previous work emails with the term, followed by an exclamation mark, knowing full well that the recipient would be in total rapture upon receipt.

Incidentally, regarding a suitable riposte to “have a nice day”: I was subject to this in a Disney theme park where it was absolutely chucking it down just after being suitably ripped off for the purchase of rain ponchos. My reply was one of incredulity and probably unprintable. Perhaps users of the “have a nice day” are being similarly ironic (or maybe just stupid!)


Ian Craig,


TO those who are irritated by greetings: a suitable reply to "take care" would be "you too".

For "Enjoy" a suitable reply would be "I will, thanks."

What is irritating about a pleasantry?

Take care and enjoy life.

Christine Smillie, Kilmarnock.

IN response to Helen Ross’s request for ripostes to “Take care” and “Enjoy”, I suggest, depending on mood, “Hell No!” or “Too late”, for the former, and for the latter “Been there, done that” or depend-ing on the day’s level of domestic harmony, “You can’t be serious, I’m a married man”.

R Russell Smith,


ONE of the most irritating sayings nowadays, is when ending a conversation with someone you have met in the street, by using the phrase "See you later".

A friend of mine always replies: "Thanks for the warning"

Jimmy Gordon,