WE know the good that the United Kingdom does.

We know that as a player on the world stage it has a tremendous positive impact and that for its citizens it represents an island-home which unites our families and communities. In every corner of this land we find people of talent, ingenuity and dedication who want to work together to build a better life for their families.

In this contest to become the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister, the Union has taken centre stage. We need someone who is ready to harness what is best about our Union and strengthen it further. We need someone who is ready to make the positive case for a compassionate, collaborate and cooperative Union. That person must be Michael Gove.

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This leadership contest allows a new leader to turn sentiment into action and deliver for Scotland and the entire United Kingdom. A new Prime Minister must repurpose Whitehall to ensure it works for all parts of the United Kingdom. For example, no UK Government announcement would be made without considering the implications on the entire Union. Part of the repurposing must be a new de facto Department for the United Kingdom, led by a First Secretary of State for the Union. This department wouldn't seek to centralise or control, but to support full cooperation between the different levels of government to create a common purpose.

Working alongside newly revamped and empowered territorial departments and in partnership with the Secretaries of State for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, this new Department for the United Kingdom would work across government to promote and realise the benefits of the Union in every aspect of government at every level. It would be a bulwark against nationalism by bringing people together in collaboration.

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Agriculture and the Environment must also be areas of collaboration as we ensure minimum standards are met while taking account of the different circumstances in different parts of the country. Similarly, we need a national fishing policy that will work across the UK.

We must keep our precious Union fit and robust for now and well into the future - we believe Michael Gove is the man to do that.

Stephen Kerr is MP for Stirling. Luke Graham is MP for Ochil and South Perthshire.