WE learn that yet another iconic name is to be erased from our High Streets ("CYBG signals cuts as Clydesdale exit looms", The Herald June 20).

The Clydesdale Bank name is set to join the disappeared from the High Street such as British Home Stores, Woolworths, and C&A. The Clydesdale name survived while the bank was in the hands of the Midland and then the National Australia Bank Group. It has now been announced that the name is to go and the operation will be rebranded as Virgin Money.

While all of this must be of great concern for many staff with the prospect of redundancies, it is also unsettling for those of a more than a mature age, whether customers or not, for whom the position of the Clydesdale on the High Street throughout the land has provided an image of stability and assurance throughout their lives. It has to be admitted, however, that image has been damaged somewhat in recent times by the many branch closures, which have already taken place or are about to. It is reported that the rebranded bank will continue to issue Clydesdale notes. This could well prove, in due course, to be yet another assurance given, during corporate re-structuring, which does not stand the test of time.

Ian W Thomson, Lenzie.