AS both a cyclist and a walker I have sympathy with your correspondent David Ward (Letters, October 24) regarding an audible warning by cyclists approaching pedestrians from behind on a shared-use path.

In this situation I have heard cyclists call out, such as “Coming through”, or cough loudly, or whistle.

As proposed by Mr Ward ringing your bell is probably the best course of action. However, the tone and type of ring is very important – loud enough to be heard, but not too strong to suggest dominance, provocation or aggression on these combined footpaths and cycle-ways where users have equal rights.

From my experience as a cyclist, slowing down and at an approach distance of about 15 metres, I suggest two "pings" on a modest bell, available from most pound shops.

Normally the pedestrians move to the side to allow you to pass in safety. This gesture should be acknowledged by the cyclist with thanks.

Hopefully we can all continue to co-exist in harmony and share the great outdoors.

Robin M Brown, Milngavie.

KNOCK, knock.

Who’s there?


Isabel who?

Isabel Necessary on a Bike.

Gordon Casely, Crathes.