I THOUGHT highly of Douglas Alexander as a person and as a fairly distinguished politician, with service in the Cabinet under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and representing the people of Paisley for many years as an MP until unseated by the SNP's Mhairi Black. However, he has fallen in my estimation with his intervention on the hospitals being created in efforts to combat the virus pandemic.

He tweeted: “Let's focus on making a difference and not proving we're different.

"As a son, grandson and great grandson of Scottish doctors, I think 'Nightingale Hospital Glasgow' would surely have better reflected the truth that we're all in this together."

By his remarks he himself has stoked the fires of division. Most people, I believe, have limited interest at this point in what the temporary hospital in Glasgow is called. They are more concerned about the hospital being as successful as possible and wishing well the NHS staff who will be working there.

The fact that he chooses to make us aware that he is the son, grandson and great-grandson of doctors does not give him any more of a locus to add to this matter. Since his enforced retirement from politics, he has, among other things, acted as a "strategic adviser". His advice on this occasion is, I believe, unsound.

Ian W Thomson, Lenzie.

WHAT a stupid argument and what a stupid attitude.

I was glad to hear of recognition for a heroic Maryhill nurse of whom I’d never heard. Is Louisa Jordan unworthy of celebration because her name isn’t Florence Nightingale? Is Edith Cavell equally unworthy? I’m certain Florence Nightingale would roundly deride the idea that she should be the only heroic nurse in history

She above all people would feel fellowship and awe for Jordan and Cavell, who both gave their lives for their patients

Tim Cox, Bern, Switzerland.

IT was too much to expect I guess, to think that the SNP would put aside nationalist pettiness during this worldwide crisis.

Louisa Jordan was demonstrably a brave and noble Scotswoman who died of an infection while treating typhoid victims in the First World War.

But for the SNP to ignore the examples of Cardiff, Manchester and London and refuse to name the planned emergency hospital Nightingale was petty in the extreme.

The First Minister even managed to make the hospital announcement without once mentioning the British Army, which will run the whole project from inception should it go ahead.

And she had the gall to ask others not to politicise the coronavirus crisis.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh EH6.

I WISH to thank the staff at Scotland’s NHS for the wonderful job they are doing at this most difficult time, often without proper PPE. The testing capacity for Covid-19 in Scotland is now more than double the UK rate: Scotland’s Covid-19 mortality rate is way less than half the UK mortality rate, though you would never guess from watching the BBC.

It would be nice if the Scottish media could move from their traditional carping negativity, report in context, and to acknowledge the wonderful job health, and other frontline staff, are doing: the personal sacrifices, the long hours and dangers people on the frontline are facing. Scotland’s NHS started this crisis better staffed and more resilient than down south, but It would be very nice for the frontline services in Scotland if they could open a paper, turn on the TV or radio, and hear something nice about themselves. Something positive for a change. Morale is very important to keep people going beyond what their pay grades could justify.

GR Weir, Ochiltree.