I NOTE this morning that normal NHS services in England might not be resumed for months. I therefore feel that my experience here in Scotland in the past week merits recounting. Having noticed a small lump behind my ear I phoned Scone Surgery on Wednesday, May 6. At 3 pm that day I had a telephone conversation with my GP and was requested to send him a photo of the lump.

On Friday, May 8 I had a consultation at the surgery when the GP examined the lump. On Monday, May 11 I received a phone call from Ninewells Hospital inviting me to attend the Dermatology Department at 10.20 am on Wednesday, May 13, one week after I contacted my surgery. At the hospital on arrival I was asked about possible Covid contacts and any symptoms and my temperature was checked. In the following several hours I was examined with great care, a biopsy was taken, possible treatments explained and future communication indicated clearly.

Throughout the entire process I was hugely impressed by the caring, assiduous approach by all doctors and nurses in a hospital that, in the midst of a pandemic, from the start of my visit made me feel very welcome; a hospital that in the past has been subjected to negative media comments, especially by BBC Scotland personnel.

Iain Hall, Scone.

I READ with interest Ed Archer’s letter (May 13) about spare capacity in the NHS. I agree entirely with the points he makes about starting to use up spare capacity and getting back to a lot of the usual routine health operations for cancer and other illnesses.

However, the point that most caught my interest was when will we be able to go back to our dentists and opticians? Unfortunately, I lost a filling a few weeks ago and realise that I would probably have to wait some time for treatment but what I can’t understand is why has there been a sudden silence about dental treatment. Surely by now the appropriate personal protective equipment can be made available for dentists and let them get back to treating their patients?

I don’t think I can recall anyone mentioning when dental treatment will be resumed and wonder why there is an absolute silence about this important health service? And although not urgent I am also overdue my annual eye test. But that can probably wait a bit yet as I would much rather "see" my dentist than my optician.

John Cuthbertson, Leuchars.

WHILE my sympathies lie with those who want to go to the golf club or the garden centre, I am keenly anticipating the return of the dentist, optician, chiropractor and chiropodist. Plus a re-scheduling of my cataract removal. It's always the little things that mean the most.

Rachel Martin, Musselburgh.