THE gloves are off – but face masks too?

Annie Wells MSP, deputy leader of the Scottish Tories, wants Nicola Sturgeon to stop the sale of SNP-branded face coverings (The Herald, July 27)

But let’s face it, masks are here for coronavirus, and could be for some time. So why don’t we embrace the creative opportunities they provide? Football clubs and charities are doing so, and bringing people together with a smile.

In England, Boris Johnson must be delighted to see people wearing Union Jack and St George masks. There is also an economic benefit. Some companies have managed to keep on staff to produce these different designs.

Is Ms Wells suggesting we don’t use masks that promote a cause or a group? What about Black Lives Matter? Does she not realise people have a choice – to buy or not to buy?

At the end of the day, we all need masks. For many people now, it’s become a fashion statement, a welcome relief from the reality of Covid-19.

Andy Stenton, Glasgow.

LABOUR has described the SNP’s range of branded face masks bearing its logo and that of the Yes movement as “bad taste” though surely that’s only the half of it?

Nicola Sturgeon claims she’s above party politics these days but it seems SNP fundraisers are not. Imagine her vitriolic tweeting had the Tories done something so insensitive and, let’s face it, crass.

Well in excess of 4,000 people have died from Covid in Scotland – does commercially exploiting the pandemic in any way mourn them or recognise those who battled to save them?

Let’s hope, at her next daily TV appearance, Ms Sturgeon announces the withdrawal of this highly inappropriate line of SNP merchandise, accompanied by an unreserved apology.

Martin Redfern,



A LOT of the opposition to the SNP face-masks comes from people who enjoy disliking or being irritated by anything associated with the party and Nicola Sturgeon.

Labour or Tory critics would presumably be happy to wear masks that depicted their respective party’s name and symbol. It’s hypocrisy as usual.

In a more general point your correspondent S. Fisher yesterday was correct. Masks ought to have been introduced months ago.

It’s anyone’s guess as to how many lives might have been saved had masks been made compulsory in, say, April. We may never know,

But it hasn’t helped that many of our London-based politicians have been ambivalent about the wearing of masks in public.

And Donald Trump’s stupid, attention-seeking attitude towards masks did not help either. He publicly sneered at those who wore masks and when he finally decided to wear one he declared they were a “good idea”.

D Wells,