IIT was June 1987, and more than 400 fans of the Glasgow rock group, Simple Minds, flocked to the Virgin Megastore in the city’s Union Street to meet lead singer Jim Kerr, guitarist Charlie Burchill and keyboard player Mick MacNeil.

The band were one of the world’s biggest acts: they had played Live Aid in 1985 and their most recent studio albums – New Gold Dream, Sparkle in the Rain, and Once Upon a Time – had all been major commercial successes.

As Kerr himself once wrote: "The decade known as the 80’s had witnessed our group emerge from being a little group with a passionate local following in Glasgow, gradually rising all the way into the big league of popular music, becoming one of the top bands of a generation along the way".

The musicians were at the megastore to sign copies of the band’s latest album, Live in the City of Light, all of the tracks on which (apart from one) had been recorded at a concert in Paris the previous August. “It’s great to be here,” Kerr told the Evening Times. “As they say, home is where the heart is – and Glasgow is still home for me”.

One male fan had been queuing since 6am, having come off his nightshift at a nearby casino. A young woman of 16, from Hamilton, had a photograph of Kerr. “Jim wanted to know where I got the picture”, she said. A second teenage female fan said: “Charlie Burchill wrote something on my hand because I didn’t have an album".

The photograph above shows some of the fans who queued outside Barrowland a few years earlier for a forthcoming concert by the band.

An oral history of the group is, incidentally, being published. ‘Heart of the Crowd’ combines more than 800 fan anecdotes with those of band members through the years.

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