THE top 20 contenders for the Miss Germany title this year have been unveiled and include two trans candidates in a sign of changing times for such events worldwide.

When is Miss Germany taking place?

The top 20 candidates who will take part in in the semi-finals in February have now been unveiled, with promotion gearing up on the event’s social media pages, featuring individual profiles of each of those hoping to take home the crown on March 4.

And trans candidates are included?

One is Laurén Kaczmarczyk, representing Lower Saxony in Germany, who is 22 and training as a “breathing, speaking and voice teacher”, saying: “I am transgender and have noticed over the last few years that the gender assigned to me at birth did not match my gender perception.”

It’s about diversity?

Laurén adds: “I not only stand for diversity, change and a freer society as a representative of the LGBTQ*, I primarily stand as a woman in this competition…tired of being categorised as a marginalised minority and reduced to their gender…In 2023 and through my participation in Miss Germany as a woman, I want to be judged for my actions and my dealings with people and not for my gender.”

Who else?

Saskia von Bargen, 18, also represents Lower Saxony, saying: “First and foremost, I would like to show people and especially trans people that even a non-biological woman is a woman. A woman does not identify herself by gender or appearance, because there are many types of women. Be it feminine or masculine. Every woman is unique and special!! A woman defines herself by her self-determination, her authenticity or naturalness, but also by her strength and self-confidence.”

It is a historic event?

It was first held in 1927 and in recent years, shifted the emphasis to achievements rather than the traditional focus on looks. Miss Germany has, organisers say, “developed from a talent competition to a female empowerment platform for the voices of the present…the title ‘Miss Germany’ is an award for future-makers, dreamers and visionaries”.

Who are some of the other candidates?

They include 29-year-old mother of a six-year-old daughter, Chanti, an entrepreneur who says: "I want to help women gain more self-confidence.” Berlin representative Tania proudly states she became a mother last year "and did NOT give up my career. I am still CEO of my company. I stand for the fact that family and career are not an either-or-decision. Even if it is definitely not always easy.”

North Rhine representative Vanessa, who began her chimney sweep internship at 14, says that even at that young age she "quickly noticed how much headwinds, prejudices and seemingly almost insurmountable stones you encounter as a woman in a male-dominated working world, as well as in society”.


Social media comments range from “Strong and right”, to “only women should be allowed to participate in a Miss contest” and “Why is a man taking a spot from a woman?”

What do organisers say?

In response to the latter remark and similar comments, Miss Germany’s official Instagram account stated: “She is a woman. Please inform yourself before you comment. This is exactly why it is important Lauren is there to educate what is still wrong in our society. Live and let live.”

It comes as…?

A 19-year-old trans teen called Brian was named Miss Greater Derry 2023 in a pagent held by the Miss America organisation.