The issue of road safety has come to the fore on our Letters Pages this week.

The discussion was sparked after we reported last Saturday that there had been nine road fatalities in Scotland over an eight-day period.

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Yesterday, one of our correspondents argued that any driver who has had their licence withdrawn should be made to sit (and pass) a full driving test before being allowed to drive again.

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Today, a reader says that we should go even further.

Malcolm Parkin of Kinross writes:

“Patricia Fort (Letters, December 27) makes a good point about driver licensing. The basic problem is that driver skill and attitude have not kept pace with the performance of modern motor vehicles, and these are now being driven by people with a combination of aggression and lack of ability that will sometimes cause a collision or other event.

"The test to obtain a licence is inadequate in not adequately covering aggression and skill, as it focuses on signage and bare knowledge.

"To cure the problem of road collisions and their often-tragic consequences - and also the perpetual problem of speeding - licences could be revoked permanently after two offences.

"This would allow local authorities to dispense with expensive and ineffective signage and flashing lights and speed bumps, and would compel all drivers to act skilfully and responsibly."

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