The independence debate is often framed around the risks that taking such a step would involve. What, however, of the downsides of staying in the Union?

Today one of our correspondents poses some questions for Union-supporting readers.

Stewart Falconer of Alyth writes:

"I find it mildly amusing to see more or less daily comments from media commentators and letter writers all identifying as 'unionists', exhorting independence supporters to give up the fight, 'see sense', it’s a lost cause, the figures don’t stack up and so on.

"Many of those writers will be Scottish and they want us to believe that they know best. They back this up by producing spurious arguments and dodgy figures in support of their position.

"I firmly believe that many Scots are canny, savvy people who are streetwise and who see through much of the so-called 'evidence'. The figures tend to support this assertion as I note that a very recent poll indicated 58% in favour of independence.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to turn the whole argument on its head and to ask those who profess to be unionists if they really believe they would be worse off and if they:

1. Are content to continue the denial of a referendum - never mind independence - if the majority of wish one. Is this democratic? Even if they dispute the figures and genuinely think independence supporters are in the minority, then all the more reason to allow one.

2. Wish weapons of mass destruction to remain on our shores, particularly when the results of safety evaluations are now being kept secret.

3. Are content to allow a law-breaking, rule-breaking government to continue (examples are too numerous to mention).

4. Are happy that 62% of their fellow countrymen and women have been dragged out of the European Union against their will.

5. Feel good about increasing child poverty, rising mortgages, exorbitant energy bills and increasing food bank usage.

"The list is endless."

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