The UK Covid Inquiry is currently meeting in Edinburgh, bringing memories of the pandemic and how it was handled even closer to home.

On Monday, STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer praised the approach of the Scottish Government, particularly in regard to its consultations with the unions.

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Yesterday, however, one of our readers argued that Scotland would have been better served if the Covid response had been left entirely in the hands of the UK Government.

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Today a correspondent firmly rejects that view.

Catriona C Clark of Falkirk writes:

"To say my breath was taken away on reading the letter from William Loneskie, where he argues that the UK Government alone should have had decision-making powers for the Covid response, is to put it mildly.

"When the pandemic came upon us it exposed how unprepared the UK Government was. Mr Loneskie may want to consider the scurrying around by the UK Government in an effort to find companies willing and ready to provide essential materials like PPE, which has since told its own story: a story of mismanagement of public funds.

"With all the evidence already presented to the Covid Inquiry and all the media coverage during the pandemic, it is now clear that the Prime Minister of the day was certainly not in any way in control of the situation; that was delegated to others.

"Yes, lessons must be learned, but I believe the majority in Scotland would express in positive tones their view of the handling of the pandemic in Scotland and the constant updates from the then First Minister Nicola Sturgeon - which was in stark contrast to Boris Johnson’s performance."

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