The Herald reported earlier this week that former Finance Secretary Kate Forbes had criticised the Scottish Government’s income tax plans in a coded rebuke to Humza Yousaf.

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Her remarks brought criticism from our one of readers yesterday, who said she needs “to put her personal ambition on hold”.

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Today one of our readers argues that Ms Forbes is right to put pressure on the Government after watching “week after week of incompetence and catastrophe”.

Tim Cox of Bern, Switzerland, writes:

"Amanda Baker (Letters, February 6) has weighed the proportions wrong. Disunity is not the problem in Scotland’s governance. The problem is a phalanx of fashion victims pretending in faultless unity to be a governing party.

There is nothing self-serving about Kate Forbes’ pressure on the Government of Scotland.

She has the impatience of a capable person watching week after week of incompetence and catastrophe.

Humza Yousaf would never have had any ministerial job without the patronage of his unravelled predecessor.

The public know that but his party has yet to realise."

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