Michael Matheson, the beleaguered health secretary, resigned yesterday, three months after lying over the iPad expenses scandal.

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Mr Matheson had been described by Humza Yousaf as “ a man of integrity and honesty” even after he admitted lying.

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Today, one of our readers takes aim at both protagonists.

Jane Lax of Aberlour writes:

"Michael Matheson has resigned as Health Secretary, months after we all became aware that he expected the taxpayer to pick up an £11k tab for his iPad expenses while on holiday.

Some may say about time, others might say he’s done the right thing. They would however be wrong. He’s not done the honourable thing, which would have been to resign as an MSP. He claims not to have known that his sons used his iPad as a hotspot to watch the football. You can believe that if you wish, but there is no denying that he lied to journalists when asked if the £11k charge was for personal use.

Other MSPs have resigned for less: Labour’s Wendy Alexander for a donation from a non-resident of £950 and Henry McLeish resigned for undeclared income from subletting part of his office. These individuals did the honourable thing and did not drag the issue out in the hope it would be forgotten.

It should also be noted that Humza Yousaf has supported his colleague throughout this, describing Mr Matheson as a man of honesty and integrity. What poor judgment by the First Minister to believe that someone who lied to him is a man of honour. Mr Matheson has shown throughout this sorry affair that he was desperate to save his own skin, even blaming his children in front of parliament. There is no integrity in that."

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