There was a meltdown in the House of Commons on Wednesday evening when the Speaker called a Labour amendment to an SNP motion, breaking with protocol. It led to a walkout by Conservative and SNP MPs.

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Today one of our readers has some harsh words for the SNP’s actions.

Alexander McKay of Edinburgh writes:

"Stephen Flynn's cunning plan in the House of Commons was worthy of Baldrick of Blackadder fame. It was a Baldrick-level farce. It was meant to embarrass Labour but ended with a red-faced Mr Flynn claiming the Speaker's stance to be ''intolerable''; we must assume he meant untenable. The SNP contingent left the chamber in a collective and childish huff. They seem totally unaware that a ceasefire involves both sides ceasing to fight.

The SNP was very cynical. It tried to use a grave subject to make the cheapest of cheap political points against Labour. The Gaza situation and call for a ceasefire is to the SNP a mere prop to have a go at what really mattered to its MPs, a better chance of keeping their seats in the General Election. Even if that meant some of their leading lights joining the Tories in a call for the Speaker to be censured.

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Not that the belligerents in Gaza would care in the slightest if a dozen SNP ceasefire motions were passed. Maybe now the SNP in Westminster could put Gaza away and concentrate on improving things for the people of Scotland."