There is much talk about the General Election that is due this year, with all the parties jockeying for position as speculation mounts.

What, though, about the situation in Scotland? Yesterday a correspondent criticised the performance of the SNP/Green administration and called for a Scottish election at the earliest opportunity.

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Today, however, one of our readers leaps to the defence of the SNP, comparing its performance with that of Labour.

The Herald:

Mary Thomas of Edinburgh writes:

"Robert Scott (Letters, March 18) should be careful about calling for a Holyrood election as despite the constant barrage from opponents claiming everything in Scotland is useless, the latest Redfield & Wilton poll, whose methodology is the least favourable towards the SNP, puts the SNP four percentage points ahead of Labour for the next Holyrood elections.

"Labour remained silent when Alister Jack sabotaged the Deposit Return Scheme which was successfully introduced in Ireland in February and last weekend saw one million drinks containers returned rather than littering the streets. But then Ireland’s economy has thrived as part of the EU while Labour even remains opposed to freedom of movement that has damaged recruitment in the NHS and in the agriculture and hospitality sectors in Scotland, and will prevent the UK growth Labour hopes for.

"Following Sir Keir Starmer’s pressure on the Speaker to save his skin and sabotage the SNP’s motion on Gaza, last week Labour MPs were whipped to abstain on the Tory Budget, that they basically agreed with, while it was left to the SNP and others to oppose it.

"The more Scottish voters learn about Keir Starmer and his numerous U-turns, the less likely they will vote for him, while the SNP’s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has been very impressive and cuts straight to the chase without notes at PMQs. After the Speaker refused to let Diane Abbot speak on Tory racism, Stephen Flynn immediately went to speak to her while the spineless Keir Starmer watched on, then decided he better do likewise but, by all accounts, this didn’t go well when she asked to be given back the Labour Whip."


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