Much of the news spotlight continues to fall on the forthcoming General Election, even though it is most likely months away yet.

On Saturday our highly respected commentator Brian Taylor looked at the prospects of Rishi Sunak still being Tory leader when the starting gun is fired.

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Today one of our readers contends that no matter who the respective leaders are, we should fasten our seat belts in anticipation of a dirty contest.

The Herald:

Denis Bruce of Bishopbriggs writes:

"We are at the fag end of a tired government and all parties are now cranked up to election mode. What can we expect from the different parties as they look to the big day of the General Election, which is still in the gift of the PM?

"With nothing to lose and nothing to defend, Sir Ed Davey's lot can promise the moon to their heart's content.

"Incitement for independence will be the hallmark of the SNP's campaign Labour is inhibited by caution in case it provides the right wing with ammunition it can exploit to brand it as a spendthrift party which will bankrupt the country. As a result it does not want to offer any hostages to fortune in the way it did in 2019. It should be the party of hope but it has pinned its flag to the fiscal rules of the Government in case it frightens and stampedes the Don't Knows.

"The Tories are so far down in the polls that they can throw caution to the winds and go on the attack in the hope of discrediting the main opposition party.

"The black arts will be much in evidence during this febrile period. We will witness an elasticity of conscience which will come to the fore in the blizzard of propaganda issued from different camps and directions.

"Fiction will be presented as fact to derail any propositions presented to the electorate.

"Much as the incumbent Government would like to mark its own homework by being both judge and jury in its own case, it will not escape the judgment branded on the brains of the electorate in relation to its dismal record in its 14 years of being in power.

"Will Labour once more snatch defeat from the jaws of victory through a misstep precipitated by its overcautious demeanour?

"It is at this stage of electoral proceedings that integrity leaves the stage to be replaced by the belief that man is the measure of all things.

"In such an incandescent atmosphere, following feelings takes precedence over following the evidence. Ambitions of power and profit dictate the conduct of all parties in the pursuit of the keys to Number 10.

"It will be an ugly fight which will do no credit to the reputation of our democracy."

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