The Prime Minister has not had his problems to seek, as was documented recently by The Herald’s Jody Harrison.

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And this Friday marks the anniversary of SNP leader Humza Yousaf being sworn in as First Minister. His troubled 12 months were documented by Andrew Learmonth on Sunday in a piece where possible replacements were discussed.

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Today, one of our readers has Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar firmly in his sights.

The Herald:

Stan Grodynski of Longniddry writes:

"Anas Sarwar’s lack of genuine principles and the reasons why I believe he should not be trusted are demonstrated by his unwillingness to openly back his own Scottish Labour policies when public criticism of these policies arises in the mainstream media.

"The Gender Recognition Reform Bill and the Hate Crime Bill were emphatically supported by Labour MSPs but where have been the voices of Mr Sarwar and other Scottish Labour MSPs when these policies have come under attack? When Humza Yousaf’s comments about getting rid of Tory MPs in Scotland were criticised in the most recent episode of BBC Scotland's Debate Night, Mr Sarwar, who previously had made similar comments himself, simply diverted to repeating his pre-prepared anti-SNP sermon.

"As Mr Sarwar is seemingly devoid of true sincerity, anything he says should not be believed. This is especially the case when he repeats the historically oft-repeated Labour Party con of indicating how things will be improved under Labour without providing serious explanations as to where the necessary money is going to come from or any realistic timescales."

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