There has been some disquiet over the performance of Police Scotland in recent weeks.

Last month it was confirmed that they will no longer investigate every crime reported to them.

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And today we reveal concern about their position on recording “non-crime hate incidents” after the force promised it will investigate every hate crime complaint reported.

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Now one of our readers has been moved to complain about "low-level lawlessness" in Scotland.

The Herald:

David Bone of Girvan writes:

"In Scotland in 2024, I now sense an endemic low level of lawlessness.

"I work in Ayr and I constantly smell cannabis while walking to the office. On a different sojourn to work, I was behind three men discussing how much money they had made over the weekend from selling drugs. In my hometown I watched a man run out of a local ASDA recently with a green shopping basket full of food. A friend tells me that the supermarket he works for no longer even deals with shoplifters unless they steal 'big-ticket' items.

"A colleague told me that her car was damaged in a private driveway and no action was taken. I could go on.

"The only solution I will suggest is that perhaps the police should be used as police again, rather than the uniformed, militarised social workers that the SNP has been using them as since 2007."

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