This week has seen a heavy mailbag in response to Tuesday’s column by Neil Mackay in which he wrote that as a “leftie Yesser” he couldn’t bring himself to vote SNP (or Labour) at the General Election.

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Yesterday, one of our readers urged independence supporters to vote SNP, even if it means “holding their noses while doing so”.

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Today a correspondent pens a heartfelt plea to John Swinney and the party leadership.

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Alan Carmichael of Glasgow writes:

"Several correspondents have indicated that they will vote SNP but only whilst holding their noses.

Too many MPs at Westminster are perceived as only interested in their salaries and expenses.

Competent governance may be some way off and a referendum even further but there is one opportunity available immediately. if they are to prove their recent, rediscovered commitment to independence then surely it behoves the leadership to open negotiations and reunite the Yes movement?

JFK said think not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Over to you, Mr Swinney."