Euro 24 has been a keen topic of discussion on our Letters Pages this week.

It began when one reader picked up on SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn’s remark that he would not be supporting England if [surely that should be when?] Scotland get knocked out of the tournament, and wrote that he “simply cannot understand the psyche of many Scots who seem to take more pleasure from England losing than Scotland winning”.

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One letter writer then argued that some of the blame should be attached to TV commentators who “ram England down our throats” and continually refer to 1966 and all that.

Read that letter here 👈

Today a correspondent warms to that theme with a critique of certain celebrated TV pundits.

David Miller of Milngavie writes:

"Unlike Ken Mackay (Letters, June 13), I switch off only the sound on hearing certain football commentators.

At half-time during the recent Arsenal v Aston Villa match, Englishman Peter Drury described the game as titillatingly tense, and Arsenal's play as deliciously delicate. Eh? I rewound my TV to confirm what I thought I had heard. How many hours had Drury spent composing these delicacies?

On the other hand, we have Scotsman Ally McCoist and his repeated 'Absolutely!', 'I'm telling you', 'I've got to/let me tell you', 'does really, really well', and " I've got to say".

It is no wonder that I prefer to attend matches and form my own opinion. The dates of Scotland and England's matches are, however, in my diary."

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