I WAS delighted during the weather crisis to see a new looking police vehicle managing to display British pluck and fight through the snow. I noticed it was bearing new livery. I have long forgiven the force for making me remember my little Latin with the badged motto Semper Vigilo, as I consider it no more than an innocent attempt at social propriety.

I read the words on the van Poileas Alba, the first I have seen, which made me wonder at first if the police vehicle was in fact visiting from somewhere like North Uist. However I have since discovered that this is another SNP propaganda tool to vainly try and teuchterise me.

If we consider that, for example, the City of Glasgow has a population with 12 per cent from minority ethnic groups I could see some logic in showing the word police in Hindi, Urdu and Cantonese. Considering that only 1.1 per cent of Scotland’s population speak Gaelic no one can convince me that this development is anything other than shabby Nationalist politics.

Having snatched police forces from local authorities as part of its plan for power grabbing, the SNP feels confident enough to publicly politicise its centralised baby. I have seen enough of this tartan Government to convince me that, at the next Holyrood election, the public will realise it has been fooled by false prophets during a time of global instability.

I understand that the Gaelic for a fire engine is einnsean-smalaidh , so I’ll watch out for those words next time I see one going to a blaze and wonder how the public could have been so easily duped.

Bill Brown,

46 Breadie Drive,