In the latest of our series, George Galloway explains his attitude to Scottish independence and how he'd be voting - if he could.

George Galloway, originally from Dundee, is Respect MP for Bradford West. 

Which way will you be voting in the independence referendum?

Well I won't be if it's conditional on being in Scotland as a registered voter. Obviously Salmond and co don't want to include Scots out of the country most of whom, I'd hazard, would be voting against.

If you could, how would you vote?

If I could, I would be voting no. I want greater devolution but not independence. There are too many countries in the world although, of course, if Scotland votes yes I will respect it. 

Have you always been aligned with this view?

I was one of the founders of Scotland United so I was committed to devolution when it seemed a lost cause. I have never been in favour of separation. 

Would you have a preferred a third choice, such as devo-max or devo-plus?

Yes, a third choice would have been equitable. I have no confidence in further devolution from either Labour, Tories or Coalition if 'no' is the winner. A devo-max yes would have nailed them.

How do you define your identity?

It's corny I know, but I feel a citizen of the world, obviously with a strong Scottish heritage 

What are your views on Scotland and the UK’s relationship with the EU?

I think this is a bit of a false issue. If Scotland did vote for independence then I am sure that it would be a simple procedure - albeit taking some time - to have the new country ushered into the EU. I believe in Europe but not the undemocratic way it's constructed. I'm a European but not a fan of the EU.

What are your views on free tertiary education, health care for the elderly and welfare?

These should be available as of right to every citizen of the UK. Student fees are a scandal, a disgrace. And those who imposed them and upped them all benefited from free education and many had grants on top. This present government is penalising the poor, the infirm and the elderly. The SNP have got this right and I congratulate them on it, if little else.

Did the Olympic Games or the Diamond Jubilee in 2012 have any bearing on your opinion?

Be serious. The games were marvellous as a sporting event but had no other resonances.

What do you think of Alex Salmond’s plans for a written constitution?

Difficult to frame of course, but all grown-up states should have one.