We're bringing you live results with our Scottish Parliamentary election tracker.

Find out which seats have been called so far and who has been elected in your area using our graphs, charts and maps, which are being updated live by our digital team.

Results as they came in

Your constituency: Who's been elected so far?

Use the below map to check if a result has been announced for your consistency.

You can also use the blue button at the top to check how this compares to the results from the last election in 2016, where the pop-ups for each area will also tell you the vote share between the parties.

Use the database below to check what's been called in each constituency in Scotland - and use the search bar to search for your local area.

You can also compare your results to the results from the last election in 2016.

Below is the latest regional results. You can search for your own area, and compare the results to 2016 in the chart below.

Party totals so far - and the race to the majority

The charts below outline the number of seats each party has gained so far. They need 65 to get a majority, and you can see a grey line marking the point they need to pass in order to achieve this.