Kenny MacAskill has called for devolution of BBC due to 'pro-England pundits' and commentators continually showing England's previous successes.

The Alba Party MP said that Scots should have more say of a balanced output for BBC Scotland and that Holyrood should have more broadcast powers.

It comes following criticism from some over the BBC frequently airing Paul Gascoigne's goal against Scotland in 1996 in the build-up to England v Scotland at Euro 96.

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MacAskill, speaking to the Scottish Sun, called for a BBC Scotland board that could encourage the broadcaster to provide distinct coverage for big events such as sports tournaments.

The East Lothian MP, who defected from the SNP to Alex Salmond's Alba Party this year, said: “Scots are sick of the constant mentions.

“Scots are scunnered with Euro commentators’ endless mentioning of the glories of ’66 and Gazza’s goal.

"The need to see the world through a Scottish lens is clear. It’s time the Scottish Government spoke out rather than standing on the sidelines.

 “RTE covers every game with an Irish commentator. It would be something like that.

“We wouldn’t have to have all Scottish pundits but it would mean that Scots don’t have to listen to commentators making constant reference to things like Gazza’s goal.

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“BBC Scotland should opt-out and cover all games separately. They could have a Scottish commentary with a panel in Glasgow. It can be international, with non Scots.”

Mr MacAskill said that if broadcasting was devolved, there would be “much more” benefit to Scotland than just football coverage, and it would boost “jobs and culture” north of the border.

Many fans were critical of the BBC's coverage in the build-up to Scotland's 0-0 draw at Wembley with the BBC airing former Rangers player Paul Gascoigne's famous goal on a number of occasions.